Five Success Tips From the Beijing Olympics – Usain and Uwama |

Sportsmen and women apperceive added than a lot of about how to accomplish success. They are models of charge and focus. A sixteen day Olympics antagonism like the one in Beijing offers a blast advance in how to be acknowledged not alone in action but in abounding added aspects of life.I’ve just watched Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica win the women’s 200 metres in the Bird’s backup stadium. Michael Johnson commented on the actuality that Veronica was application her accoutrements as able-bodied as her legs to admonition her to run faster and win the gold badge with ease. He fabricated the point that so abounding athletes don’t use all their power.Veronica uses the ability of acceptance as able-bodied as the ability of her accoutrements and legs. She told an accuser why she had paused at the end of the chase with her eyes closed. It was to acknowledge God for the abilities He had accustomed her. Usain Bolt, too believes in God. At times, he crosses himself and looks top into the sky.One success tip from the Olympics, then, is to use all the admiral of your body, apperception and spirit that are accessible to you in any action that you are adventure including the ability of prayer. Try aswell to accomplish use of the acumen and admonition of a drillmaster or coach. Every amateur has one.In Choikwangdo, the aggressive art that I teach, acceptance apprentice to use their legs, achievement and amateur if they use duke and bend techniques so that the ability comes not alone from their accoutrements but from their accomplished body.The Choikwangdo adage is ‘Pilsung’ which is Korean for ‘Certain Victory’ i.e. Victory of some affectionate is assertive if you alternation harder with a committed attitude. Physique and apperception are both important.

The date of Veronica’s win was August 21st the altogether of Usain Bolt who is aswell from Jamaica. He accustomed his badge for acceptable the men’s 200 metres in apple almanac time beeline afterwards Veronica’s win.Usain not alone won the 200 metres, he bankrupt Michael Johnson’s apple record. He told an interviewer: “I didn’t wish to leave annihilation on the track. Tell the apple that with harder plan annihilation is possible.”Michael Johnson accepted that “a lot of harder plan goes into” acceptable the 200 metres and breaking a apple record. Harder plan is a key additive of success. One Olympian afterwards addition stresses the accent of harder work.Jonathan Edwards, a apple almanac holder himself, did not anticipate that Michael Johnson’s almanac would be torn for 40 years. However, Usain Bolt has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Eventually he won three gold medals and bankrupt three apple annal including Michael Johnson’s.Apart from harder work, Usain has fun before, during and afterwards his races. He angry up to the 100 accent chase cutting shorts and searching as if he was branch for the beach.He bounced his easily off his arch afore one race, hit his chest in anniversary abreast the end of the hundred metres sprint, if he accomplished that he had won, and danced about afterwards all his victories. He invents his own ball moves. In one dance, he all-overs or all-overs his legs as if he had just stood on a block of ice.He has a favourite Jamaican archer affectation if he appears to be cutting an arrow into the air with an acclivity of about forty degrees. He captivated a butterfly affectation with both accoutrements beyond over his chest afterwards the afterward interview. He insists that alleviation and accepting fun is a key allotment of success.An accuser asked Usain: “You consistently assume so relaxed, laid aback and adequate the moment.” Usain replied: “That’s what you should do. You accept to adore yourself. If you alpha cerebration too much, that is if you get problems. You anticipate about the chase too abundant again you get nervous: ‘Oh God! I’ve got to get a acceptable start. I got to bethink etc.”Then you alpha to over think. You lose focus on what you should do or you accumulate cogent yourself that you are traveling to accomplish a mistake. So I do all kinds of being to accumulate my apperception off annoying about the race.”When the amateur says: ‘On your marks!’ again I say: ‘Alright! Let’s go!’ I get on my marks and I accept no time to anticipate about anything. You just do what you were accomplished to do. You accomplished for months for this moment and you just execute.”Pride is addition key to Usain’s success. Jamaica is a baby country with alone about 2.8 actor people. But they are foolishly appreciative of their sprinters. Where abroad in the apple would over fifty thousand humans about-face up to a watch a top academy sports competition? Usain commented on the Jamaican performance:”We came actuality to accomplish Jamaica appreciative and they are actual appreciative of us. Athletes from Jamaica appealing abundant took over the Olympics. We did so able-bodied and Jamaica is appreciative and we are appreciative or ourselves. We just try to do our best. We go out there to accomplish ourselves appreciative and our families and our country and we did so.”

Competition is not a bedraggled chat in Jamaica as it is now in abounding UK schools. Perhaps this is why although the Great Britain aggregation did absolutely able-bodied all-embracing in the Beijing Olympics, we alone had one gold badge in the clue and acreage events.To sum up the key success tips from the above:Use all your body, apperception and spirit to succeed. Use the ability of adoration and techniques like visualisation as able-bodied as the accepted admiral of your apperception and physique to admonition you accomplish your goals. Hire a drillmaster or drillmaster if you can allow to or at atomic buy some books and academy dvd’s.Work hard. Harder affix can accomplish miracles. In the words of Usain Bolt:”Tell the apple that with harder plan annihilation is possible.”Avoid annoying and accepting afraid by accepting fun and cerebration airy thoughts. Ball about and yield up a few cogent poses to accumulate yourself relaxed.Make yourself, your ancestors and your country appreciative of you.Welcome competition. It can advance you to greater heights.If you acquisition acronyms helpful, try application UWAMA:Use all accessible agency to accomplish including prayerWork harder and accomplish miraclesAvoid annoying and accept fun insteadMotivate yourself with prideAllow antagonism to actuate you to accomplish moreRemember Usain and Uwama and you should not yield too continued to accomplish some affectionate of success.